Versatility and fast reconfigurability, the key solution for implementing automation in the aeronautics manufacturing sector

03 February,2022 - BY admin

Versatility and fast reconfigurability, the key solution for implementing automation in the aeronautics manufacturing sector

As integral manufacturer for the aerospace sector, Aerotecnic provides comprehensive management of aerostructures and aeronautical components, committing itself to competitiveness through innovation, ensuring:

  • Quality and conformity assured and total control of production and products
  • Ability to offer a complete manufacturing service integrating multiple production steps in an efficient production and business model
  • Provide rapid industrialization and lead times with robust start-up processes and the ability to integrate changes in them in an agile manner without disrupting production

In order to keep up with the advances in the industry and maintain these capabilities in the future, together with the partners of ODIN project consortium advance Aerotecnic and Tecnalia collaborate in the development of an automated pilot line for the aeronautics sector seeking to address many of the main needs required for the successful implementation of automated production systems in the sector:

  • Seamless operation between humans and robots, both during operation as well as on the setup and reconfiguration steps maintaining safety and a lean production system without incorporating non-value adding operations
  • Easily combine in-situ and offline programming allowing creating, documenting and implementing new workflows and tasks in a simple and complete manner reducing the costs and times of changes and improving flexibility
  • Implementing of highly versatile systems able to operate in ever evolving shop floors, adapting the programmed tasks in an autonomous and reliable way

By adopting and developing mobile collaborative systems, incorporating the appropriate environment awareness and perception, and by using modular technological components for a scalable production, as well as the appropriate software solutions for achieving a properly networked and intuitive system, the pilot line developed in ODIN will provide a versatile platform with fast reconfigurability characteristics. In this wat, the solution implemented will facilitate implementation in mixed production environments, with both manual and automated tasks, will be capable of achieving fast and simple reconfigurability, reducing industrialization costs and adoption of changes and provide enough versatility and flexibility to accommodate varying processes and shopfloors.

These capabilities will be demonstrated in the industrial environment of Aerotecnic premises focusing on automating main production tasks still performed manually

  1. Template based drilling, performing sensitive tasks with tight requirements that necessitate dynamic positioning and accurate force sensing fitting.
  2. Inspection tasks, automating the ubiquitous verification steps present along the manufacturing processes in a way that is easily reconfigurable and applicable to several different stations with a single system.
  3. Incorporating transportation between stations, providing flexibility improving workflow and achieving a more encompassing solution while ensuring that no possible damage to the parts goes undetected.

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