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TRINITY: Digital Technologies, Advanced Robotics and increased Cyber- security for Agile Production in Future European Manufacturing Ecosystems. The main objective of TRINITY is to create a network of multidisciplinary and synergistic local digital innovation hubs composed of research centers, companies, and university groups that cover a wide range of topics that can contribute to agile production: advanced robotics as the driving force and digital tools, data privacy and cyber security technologies to support the introduction of advanced robotic systems in the production processes.
Collaboration with ODIN and TRINITY includes intense communication and information exchange, promotion and impact multiplier, joint workshops as well as the development and exchange of demonstrations and training materials.

TREDIH in Finland

The TREDIH initiative forms and pilots the core of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) cooperation model for the developing Pirkanmaa-led and regional manufacturing companies, especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and defines, implements and opens a collaborative project supporting the EDIH activities and the Sustainable Industry X (SIX) entity for Pirkanmaa's manufacturing companies. The ‘Digital Capability’ research, development and innovation (RDI) and demonstration environment is a set of multi-factory collaborative demonstrations for companies.
The ODIN partner TAU is making the link between our project and this national DIH. Several activities took place including the organisation of joint seminar in September 2023.

Basque Digital Innovation Hub

The Basque Digital Innovation Hub network provides SMEs with access to the technological capabilities they need to rise to the challenges of smart industry, energy and health, and to be able to grow in the digital and sustainable environment. BDIH provide a connected network of assets and smart industry services for training, research, testing and validation of technologies. BDIH is co-owned by R&D centres, vocational training centres and universities, and is supported by regional public institutions. It is internationally connected with other European HUBS.
Two key ODIN partners are members of the BDIH, namely Tecnalia and AIC. They ensure an appropriate exchange of knowledge and best practices while inviting the other BDIH to our ODIN industrial workshops.


MANUHUB is a DIH supporting manufacturing companies, specializing in engineering, automation, software and hardware, for them to benefit from the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Manufacturing (AMS). MANUHUB supports the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies in the production processes to develop technologically new or significantly improved products.
ODIN project is in-line with the objectives and vision of this DIH and for this reason we have a dedicated area on their website to promote our technologies: https://www.manuhub.eu/odin/


The AI REGIO project is a Regions and DIHs alliance for AI-driven digital transformation of European Manufacturing SMEs. The AI REGIO project is addressing policy, technology and business barriers facing the AI-focussed DIHs, which prevent them from fully embracing the new digital reality. Addressing regional, cross-regional and pan-European issues will ensure that the EU takes the lead in digital manufacturing, creating new opportunities for innovation and growth.
Collaboration with ODIN in AI-related topics through bidirectional information exchange and dissemination of findings.

EU and national initiatives


The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) is a non-for-profit, industry-driven association promoting the development of new and innovative production technologies. It is the official representative of the private side in the 'Factories of the Future' public-private partnership. The key objective of EFFRA is to promote pre-competitive research on production technologies within the European Research Area by engaging in a public-private partnership with the European Union called 'Factories of the Future'.
Collaboration by communication to stakeholders, through shared dissemination channels. Involvement and contribution directly through membership to vision and strategy of group.


ManuFuture aims to govern research, technological development and innovation (RTDI) efforts aimed at the transformation of the European manufacturing industry at policy and operational levels. The former, aims at continuous development of the MANUFUTURE Vision and Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and promotion of the Lisbon objectives. While the latter, employing a technological approach exploiting all possible synergies arising from the converging nature of science and technologies.
Collaboration by communication to stakeholders, through shared dissemination channels. Involvement and contribution directly through membership to vision and strategy of group.


The International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP) [College International pour la Recherche en Productique] aims to address scientifically, through international co-operation, issues related to modern production science and technology. CIRP aims at promoting scientific research, related to: manufacturing processes; production equipment and automation; manufacturing systems; and product design and manufacturing.
ODIN will plan publications in CIRP annals and other journals, and participation on CIRP events.

EU Robotics association

euRobotics is an international non-profit association for all stakeholders in European robotics. euRobotics builds upon the success of the European Robotics Technology Platform (EUROP) and the academic network of EURON, leading towards the establishment of one sustainable organisation for the entire European robotics community. Its main aim to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness and to ensure industrial leadership of manufacturers, providers and end-users of robotics technology-based systems and services.
ODIN is continuously participating and organising multiple events in the framework of the European Robotics Forum (ERF) since the 2021 edition.

Science SIE

The Sustainable Industry Ecosystem (SIE) of the Finnish Academy of Science is a Collaboration Framework for Green and Digital Technologies with special target to collect industrial needs in order to make TAU's HRC pilot line more accessible and attractive for the SMEs.
TAU’s Human-Robot Collaboration pilot line is used within theODIN project for development and testing.

Vanguard Initiative - Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing Pilot

Vanguard Initiative - Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing Pilot (and in particular Digital Transformation democase). The Vanguard Initiative - New Growth through Smart Specialisation is an initiative that is driven by a political commitment of regions to use smart specialisation strategy for boosting new growth through bottom-up entrepreneurial innovation and industrial renewal in European priority areas. It has its foundations at the regional level. EU regions are the closest policy link to the bottom-up growth dynamics necessary for the renewal of our industrial fabric through their proximity to place-based innovative partnerships and clusters. Such partnerships and clusters form eco-systems that are the catalyst for new fast-growing innovative SMEs.
ODIN is using VI ESM as a network to further collaborate with participating regions and to convey the project results to the regional decision making and business development. The VI is focused on developing & disseminating the large scale pilot lines and assisting companies to set up these.

Robotics 4EU

Robotics4EU aims to create and empower the EU-wide responsible robotics community representing robotics innovators from companies and academia in the four application areas, as well as citizens, users and policy/decision -makers by i) raising awareness about non-technological aspects of robotics to bring together the robotics community and citizens; ii) advocating for the responsible robotics among all stakeholders’ groups; and iii) developing a responsible robotics maturity assessment model and bringing the project results to the standardization bodies.
ODIN is part of the ICT-46 cluster led by Robotics4EU which is a grouping of all the H2020 projects funded under the ICT-46-2020 - Robotics in Application Areas and Coordination & Support call. ODIN and Robotics4EU also worked on the co-creation of dedicated workshops, notably during the ERF conference.


The AI-on-Demand platform (AIoD) is a community-driven channel designed to empower European research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence, while ensuring the European seal of quality, trustworthiness and explainability. The main goal of the platform is to create a thriving European AI research ecosystem driven by excellence, through a channel that fosters collaboration, reproducibility and experimentation, while maximising academic, social and industrial impact.
ODIN provided detailed information on its innovative technological assets and tools in order to be added to the AI-on-Demand catalogue.

Other EU-funded projects

The ODIN project is constantly expanding its network to other relevant EU-funded projects in the field of agile manufacturing and robotics to develop synergies and increase the impact of our project on the European manufacturing ecosystem.

DIMOFAC: Digital Intelligent MOdular FACtories | www.dimofac.eu or CORDIS

Stand4EU: Boosting the Exploitation of Standardisation Inputs from European Projects | www.stand4eu.eu or CORDIS

MASTERLY: Nimble Artificial Intelligence driven robotic solutions for efficient and self-determined handling and assembly operations | www.masterly-project.eu or CORDIS

ACROBA: AI-Driven Cognitive Robotic Platform for Agile Production environments (ICT-46) | www.acrobaproject.eu or CORDIS

CANOPIES: A Collaborative Paradigm for Human Workers and Multi-Robot Teams in Precision Agriculture Systems (ICT-46) | www.canopies-project.eu or CORDIS

CoRoSect: Cognitive Robotic System for Digitalized and Networked (Automated) Insect Farms (ICT-46) | www.corosect.eu or CORDIS

ROBS4CROPS: Robots for protecting crops (ICT-46) | www.robs4crops.eu or CORDIS

DARKO: Dynamic Agile Production Robots That Learn and Optimise Knowledge and Operations (ICT-46) | www.darko-project.eu or CORDIS

DrapeBot: Collaborative draping of carbon fiber parts (ICT-46) | www.drapebot.eu or CORDIS

FLEXIGROBOTS: Flexible robots for intelligent automation of precision agriculture operations (ICT-46) | www.flexigrobots-h2020.eu or CORDIS

SESAME: Secure and Safe Multi-Robot Systems (ICT-46) | CORDIS

TraceBot: Traceable Robotic Handling of Sterile Medical Products (ICT-46) | www.tracebot.eu or CORDIS

FELICE: FlExible assembLy manufacturIng with human-robot Collaboration and digital twin modEls (ICT-46) | www.felice-project.eu or CORDIS

Harmony: Enhancing Healthcare with Assistive Robotic Mobile Manipulation (ICT-46) | www.harmony-eu.org or CORDIS

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