Automotive Use Case

Automotive Use Case

The Automotive use case is focused on the motor and gearbox assembly produced by STELLANTIS. There are three main operations involved:

  • the motor & gearbox assembly,
  • the additional parts assembly,
  • the quality check.

For the first operation, a COMAU AURA high payload collaborative robot is selected to safely pick and place the motor on a conveyor using a custom reconfigurable motor gripper. Also, the AURA robot, is responsible for transporting a gearbox in the proximity of the motor using a custom gearbox gripper. At that point, a human operator manually guides the AURA robot, so that the gearbox aligns with the motor and performs the assembly of these two main parts.

During the second operation, a human operator places some additional parts on the assembly, and after this the TECNALIA dual arm mobile robot performs a screwing while moving task to screw the additional parts on the overall assembly.

During the third operation, the COMAU mobile robot performs the quality inspection and in the case of any support/confirmation needed a human operator is allocated to support the inspection tasks. Based on the definition of the automotive pilot line, the Automotive pilot layout has been consolidated in order to facilitate the three main operations involved in this pilot.

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