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The novel mobile platform by Comau is based on the integration of two COMAU stand-alone robotic resources: the Agile 1500 AGV and the Racer5 Cobot. The adoption of such integrated platform will allow an augmented flexibility in the production line as well as a high rate of reconfigurability of the platform in a complete collaborative and open environment.

The manipulation part of the platform is based on the Racer5 Cobot, a small robotic arm with a payload of 5 kg, a reach of 0.8 m and an accuracy of 0.03 mm. It can switch from collaborative to non-collaborative speed during operation using a laser scanner or virtual barrier. It provides hand guidance for moving and teaching, and it’s equipped with LEDs that provide information on the status of the robot.

The Racer5 Cobot is mounted with a customized mechanical structure on the Agile 1500, an AGV manufactured by Comau capable of transporting up to 1500 kg of payload, and that can withstand a maximum towing force of 2100 N. The vehicle’s differential drive architecture allows good stability and manoeuvrability, and it can independently, accurately and safely find the path to follow without colliding with people, machines or other AGVs.

The integrated mobile platform would be equipped with two independent batteries for the electricity supply of the AGV and the robotic arm separately. The battery, controller, inverter and internal cables of the robotic arm would be placed inside the structure mounted on top of the AGV. This structure could be also equipped with different tools and racks that the robotic arm may need during operation, like grippers, sensors or additional components.

The stability of the platform during an emergency stop of the robotic arm would be guaranteed by accurate studies and simulations of the dynamic behaviour of the platform, to ensure the highest levels of safety for the people and the surroundings.

The solution has been realized within the framework of research and innovation purposes and it is adopted to solve different technological challenges in several European funded projects such as the manipulation of mechanical part in the automotive domain in ODIN project.

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