09 November,2023 - BY admin

Robust Human Body Skeleton Detection and Human Motion Recognition

Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) allows human operators to work side by side with robots in close proximity where the combined skills of the robots

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26 September,2023 - BY admin

Enhancing Robotic Perception: High Dynamic Range (HDR) in Machine Vision for the ODIN Project

In the rapidly evolving world of robotics and intelligent automation, the ODIN research project is paving the way for revolutionary advances in robotic manufacturing systems.

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20 September,2023 - BY admin


The novel mobile platform by Comau is based on the integration of two COMAU stand-alone robotic resources: the Agile 1500 AGV and the Racer5 Cobot.

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28 July,2023 - BY admin

Flexible and Advanced Manufacturing in Automotive Sector

It is widely known in the automotive sector that OEM customers strongly demand for lowering manufacturing costs, reduced logistics costs, lighter weight structures, new material requirements and a higher level of quality.

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17 June,2023 - BY admin

Flexible Workstation in the assembly line of White Goods

In the ODIN project, Whirlpool is exploring a disruptive innovation that meets the digital transformation needs of the company and can make the white goods production process even more efficient.

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05 May,2023 - BY admin

“DO IT YOURSELF” Reliable DGH Deep Learning tool for industrial quality inspection processes

DGH, throughout all our 40 years of experience, is deploying its expertise in two complementary ways of business related with manufacturing industry.

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27 March,2023 - BY admin

Safety challenges in the interaction between people and autonomous vehicles

Safety in the operation of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

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